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Ekaterinburg train station


Novosibirsk train station

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world – stretching along 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles) of breathtaking vistas. For Russians, it is just a regular railroad, a common way for people to travel across North Asia. The train calls at small towns and villages, people embark and disembark. If you opt for a cabin for 4 people, you may meet many locals during the trip. And of course you can opt for a private cabin. Stops can be from 10 minutes to one hour, allowing you to sample local cultures, food, architecture, souvenirs and even clothes. Old ladies usually sell homemade patties (piroshki) and pies.

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Old soviet compartment


New compartment



There are different types of sleeper train cars. The cheapest sleeper train cars do not have private compartments. The difference is in absence of doors and additional beds on the opposite side of the train car (so when you walk through the train, beds are on the left hand side and on the right hand side). ”>. The open-space design encourages passengers to interact and entertain, and make new friends.
Our tours use only private or shared compartments. A standard compartment serves four passengers. There are modern-style compartments and refurbished Soviet compartments. Some trains also have premium compartments suitable for two, which are in high demand but limited availability.
Every train has toilet facilities, but no showers. Curiously enough, the toilets are closed when the train approaches a city, and are re-opened after leaving it. Every train car have boiler with cold and hot drinking water. All trains have full-service dining-cars, where we will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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