About us

We are an accredited Russian tour operator (tour operator registry number: РТО 018792) based in the cosmopolitan city of St.-Petersburg. We provide genuinely interesting tours with unusual programs and unique experince. Only interesting places to see, no boring stops. Before setting up Russian Journeys, we gained experience working for mainstream tour companies and it inspired us to create better and unique experiences. We now proudly own Russian Journeys, and take pride in providing the best service with the most interesting travel programs.

Ilias Zaitsev
Co-Founder, Director General, tour leader

Hi everyone! My name is Ilyas, I am native of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I was living in Thailand for 3,5 years and travelled around Asia. Now I see, that Russia is very interesting and unknown place for foreigners. I want to make Russia more open for the world by providing our unique tours. I always wanted to have a job related to traveling and exploring other cultures, and my dream has now come true and we opened our own company. I like to travel by hitch-hiking and stay with couchsurfing hosts, because it is fun and allows me to explore the real lives and cultures from inside. Aside that I like flying trapeze, jaw harps, meditation, history and bicycles. My Facebook page Instagram VK

Olga Moreno
Co-Founder, Deputy director, Head of the Spanish department, tour leader

Hello my friends! My name is Olga, I`m from St Petersburg, Russia. I always adored travelling. During my life I visited many countries. I've been living for 2 years in Thailand, worked for 4 years as tour leader of Tran-Siberian tours. And now we are starting our start-up, our own business related to travelling. As for my hobbies ...I like to meet knew people, of course like to travel, like to learn and teach foreign languages and to do sport activities. Besides I adore my mom and my cat Hector. My Facebook page Instagram VK

Photos of our previous Transsiberian trips

Legal info

Company name: LLC "Interesnye Puteshestviia"
Our tour operator Federal Register Number: РТО 018792
Address: 197374, Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, ul. Begovaya, dom 5, korpus 2, kv 94
Tel: +79043317191 E-mail: tour@russianjourneys.com
Bank details (USD account)
Bank name: ALFA-BANK
Account number(USD): 40702 840 0323 7000 0072
Bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078

ООО "Интересные путешествия"
Реестровый номер туроператора: РТО 018792
Адрес: 197374, Российская Федерация, г.Санкт-Петербург, улица Беговая, дом 5, корпус 2, кв 94
ИНН 7814678920 КПП 781401001 ОГРН 1177847035156
Тел: +79043317191 Адрес электронной почты: tour@russianjourneys.com
р/с 40702810932370000791
к/с 30101810600000000786
БИК 044030786

Общий размер финансового обеспечения ответственности туроператора 500 000 руб.
Финансовое обеспечение ответственности туроператора предоставлено ООО «Страховое общество «Помощь»